top five: Memories of My Aunt Dorothy

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top five: Memories of My Aunt Dorothy Peterson (or a tribute to a great Aunt)

  1. Her funny dietary restrictions proved to be very vegetarian friendly, thus we loved to eat and discuss the vegetables in our stir-fry at Big Bowl!
  2. Her cute little figure (she was petite like me,  so she’d pass down a few fun polyester dresses)!
  3. Her absolute  generosity in letting me stay in her beautiful and elegant home for the past year and a half as a place for me to lay my head, and at a time when I was in great need!  I cannot stress my gratitude for this.
  4. Her love of  the stories I’d pass on to her about the Temple, the latest Shabbat gossip, and crazy Bar Mitzvah moms!
  5. Her being my only family connection up here in Chicago, and looking out for each other in the windy city.  Now, I only wish I could’ve seen her even more!  (Hearing aides in tow, she came to a loud, smokey bar to see my band play on her 90th birthday!! How cool is that!??)

I love you very much, Aunt Dorothy. I’m ever glad and most grateful I got to know you!

Love, Jessica Jane

Pretty in Pink... Aunt Dorothy Peterson 1916-2010

  1. This is really sweet. Thanks for sharing this. I hope your doing well during this time of loss. Gag – that sounded like a Hallmark card. I mean it, nonetheless.

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